Who am I? I've been an artist since I was 4 yrs old, creating great crayon art for my grandparents. I always wanted to be a comic book artist and I spent hours pouring over early Kirby, Steranko, Starlin and Wrightson. It wasn't until after college that I broke into comics, but I was always drawing something. So my comic career is behind me and I'm proud of the work I created. Now I'm an image specialist and ilillustrator for the largest ad agency in Western Mass. I've still got a few comic projects in me so stop on by again and see what's new.

Welcome to Masztal.com V2.
I am definately a print-guy trapped in a web-world. This is the second design for my site. If you saw my first attempt, then thanks for looking and also thanks to all of you who gave me valued critique on the site. I got great reviews on the color scheme and the basic look. However, I got razzed because of the huge image maps, so I cracked open a book and absorbed a little bit more about Dreamweaver and figured out layers and roll-overs and now we have version 2. It's a bit more stark than the lush colors of the last design, but I wanted to feature my art over the design of the entire site. I hope you find this version easy to navigate. I took more time on this look and I think it shows. Wander around and see what I've brought to the table. If you like it, or hate it, then just click on the mailbox and drop me a line.

Mark Masztal